Press release

Innovisk establishes Vindati

New US MGA to Focus on Improving the Broker Experience

6 September, 2018 – Innovisk Capital Partners (Innovisk) announced today the establishment of Vindati, a US-based MGA offering specialty products and solutions for brokers, both traditional and digital, serving small to medium sized businesses. Vindati’s first products are Contractors Equipment, Builder’s Risk, and Farm/Ranchowners packages, with Commercial Articles, Motor Truck Cargo, and Warehouse Legal in the queue.

Brokers will choose how to connect and place business with Vindati — either through simple emailed ACORD forms, digital broker channels, other insuretech connectivity or directly on the Vindati shopping platform.  However a broker connects, Vindati will provide instant customisable and bindable quotes using leading technology, integrated data and analytic tools, delivering proposals and policies on demand.

Hugh Burgess, CEO of Vindati said, “Vindati is focused on delighting the broker as the customer like never before. We’re bringing together the best combination of insurance and technology expertise, along with the brightest minds from the distribution channel and data provider worlds to uncomplicate processes and deliver outstanding user experiences.”

David Thomas, CEO of Innovisk Capital Partners said, “We are pleased to help bring Vindati to the US insurance market. Our strategy is to seed start-up underwriting entrepreneurs and support them with technology and data. Hugh is a well known leader in the market who’s vision has helped us advance our technology strategy.  Our services and capabilities will enable us to partner with Vindati’s strong underwriting team as they use technology and data to make significant improvements in the brokers’ buying experience.”

Notes to Editors

The Vindati company name is derived from the Italian words Vincente (winning) and Dati (data). As defined in Hindi, Vindati also means “to find.” Finding winning data: that’s what Vindati does instantaneously for its broker customers.

Innovisk Capital Partners seeds start-up underwriting entrepreneurs who have, or wish to build, profitable and durable portfolios of personal & speciality commercial lines business. The heart of the offering is to augment their underwriting by developing technology which employs data and analytics in a sophisticated way to aid innovative product development and pricing, as well as improving efficiencies in distribution.