We Are Innovisk
Established in 2017, Innovisk Capital Partners is an investment vehicle and insurance innovator launched exclusively to invest in and grow entrepreneurial businesses with a particular focus on risk analysis, pricing and distribution.
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Innovisk seeks and invests in high calibre talent who are looking for an entrepreneurial environment to grow successful and lasting businesses. Equally we invest in our own talent to drive continued innovation and support the success of these businesses. This combination creates the most dynamic execution engine for risk analysis, pricing and distribution.

Each team arrives with a vision for its business and its markets. We have found that the most successful business leaders (by definition) have an independent mindset. We offer full support for their vision and expect them to give full support for ours.

The confluence of Innovisk Capital Partners' ecosystem and the businesses' ability to operate with guile in their own niche provides a balanced environment where better growth and superior underwriting profits can be attained.

Proprietary In-House Technology

At the heart of our business is our technology platform, Oculus, which provides a ‘new way to see’ risk for our businesses. Built from ground up and developed to change the way the business is understood and transacted.  

Our technology provides us with a wide spectrum of digital first capabilities, across multi-channel distribution, data driven underwriting, and ‘automate-whatever-you-can’ operations – something which you typically don’t find in one single underwriting system.

Our foundations lie in modern software engineering practices, using latest architectural frameworks and an instantly scalable Cloud native strategy. This allows us to be highly responsive to emerging needs of a changing insurance market and launch new insurance products within a 6-8-week window.

Our technology team puts design first in whatever we do. We have blended together ex-brokers, ex-underwriters,product managers, pricing specialists, software architects, process experts, User Experience designers, security and performance engineers.

As part of the Innovisk culture, the team works as one cohesive unit across our ecosystem which is not afraid to challenge the status quo, break barriers and deliver something transformational to our users be they the carrier, distributor or business itself.

Data Science & Actuarial

We endeavour to design, build, maintain and expand a sophisticated suite of data products and analytics.

Our modern pipelines allow flexible, repeatable, auditable data preparation from a wide variety of sources (first and third party), creating a centralised, up-to-date, traceable repository for structured and unstructured data.

We do this through a team that combines strong domain expertise (actuaries,cat-modelers) with assumption-challenging innovators (data scientists and engineers) to create powerful, controlled thinking and drive ground-breaking innovation.

We want to use data to run our business, to help risk selection and analysis,pricing and distribution. Our team is driven to look for risk correlating data and new design models to change how we think. This is critical if we are to improve user experience, distribution costs and profits for partners.

Capital Management & Distribution

With the understanding that any complex negotiation generally benefits from some form of intermediation, we've built our capital management team to help negotiate deals and build trusted relationships with our risk capital partners.

And while the distribution of products through technology and the enhancement of products through data is core to our vision, human relationships are still critical. Our business leaders have strong relationships with brokers and agents within their niches, and our team supports these relationships by helping to strengthen the economic opportunities in the partnership.

Our capital management and distribution team have a wide range of underwriting, broking,operational, actuarial, and reinsurance expertise with an average of 35 years'experience. We believe this deep knowledge and experience is key to connecting the skills, methods, and artistry required in the traditional insurance value chain with our new technology /data-based ideology.

Our Current Risk Capital Partners
Insurance Expertise

While many recently launched companies offer ideas about technology and data, some struggle with today's practical insurance requirements. These include licensing, regulation, and the challenges of admitted vs. non-admitted product, as well as the complexity and craft required in drafting policy language.

Innovisk Capital Partners offer savvy,real-world insurance expertise to provide an operating model that covers these day-to-day compliance issues, and to help our businesses navigate a multitude of complex operational and regulatory requirements.

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